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Hi there!

This is me, Emily A. Francis.

Wife, Mother, Writer, Author of Books, Animal Lover and now world traveller. For a person who absolutely hates flying and change, this is a pretty big step...

This is my story 

of change and fulfilling my destiny

Around a year ago we had a crazy idea... Let's get rid of everything we own and move to Malta in the middle of a pandemic

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One Wonderful Year in Malta

I have managed to do a lot of incredible things this year while falling deeply in love with my new country...

Just one year ago my husband, children and four pets climbed on board an aeroplane to an island that we had never seen before to begin a new life in a foreign land. My husband's company was offered a grant to work with Malta Enterprise and so we joined with a few other local Atlanta families and all moved together to begin a new adventure.


Malta for me has been the greatest experience of my entire life!


I love the people, the lifestyle as well as the school that my children attend. That pretty much marks the highest points of my list of things I am thankful for. I have made some of the dearest friends and I have learned to live a more meaningful and simpler way of life already. 

I am an American author with 5 professionally published books on the body and healing. I am ready to take a turn in my own writing and focus on my new life and how I am navigating our way through it. I have been blessed with a column in the tourism magazine Oh My Malta! where I get to share incredible experiences of interviewing local farmers and growers to explore the foods of Malta. The column is called Emily in Malta. It has been a dream come true!


I would love nothing more than for you to come along with me as I continue to share the joys of living, loving and eating my way through Malta!


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