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Emily Francis on Focus Atlanta talking about the release of her book "Anxiety Sucks!"

Emily Francis and Courtney Day on Focus Atlanta talking about the release of their book "A Leg Up! On Lymphedema"

Emily Francis on ABC's the Chew -- October 2015

Emily has appeared on television and radio shows including the CW Channel's Focus Atlanta (twice), Atlanta Business Radio, The Greg Mantell Show, KTLR Oklahoma, The Lime Radio Channel with Neale Donald Walsch, and The Chelsea Krost Show. She's also been featured by the Get Inspired Project, the Healing with Experts audio series, My Super Awesome Life, and the Total Education Network. She just had an article release in Ms. Fitness Magazine for Stretch Therapy. Emily has been part of an article in this past Decembers issue of Fit Pregnancy. She has had more than one article in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques and Spa magazine, and was published in the national magazine: Massage Magazine.  She recently was part of an article for health-line on cord blood banking.

Emily has lectured on massage, anxiety, and other wellness topics for audiences both large and small, speaking at The Georgia Ovarian Cancer Support Group, the Southeast Gynecology Oncology Association, and to hospital staffs and college student groups (Georgia State University) throughout the greater metro Atlanta region. She's lectured for audiences at Atlanta's Northside Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital, and Dekalb Medical Center, and she is a guest teacher at the Georgia Massage School.

Author of "Find the Stretch in your Massage Treatment" as seen in June 2014 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa

Contributor to the article "Baby is Coming to Town" as seen in the Dec/Jan 2015 issue of Fit Pregnancy

Emily Francis having some fun on ABC's The Chew -- February 2015

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Emily authored an article for The Perfect Bar, released October 2015

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Emily's article about yoga and getting back to the mat.  Printed on Elephant Journal on March 17, 2016

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