Emily A Francis Books

Emilty Francis with the cover model of Stretch Therapy

Louise Hay and Emily Francis at INATS West

Emily Francis book signing at BEA Expo

Tosca Reno and Emily Francis at BEA Expo

Emily Francis and Tom Dougherty, publisher of Stretch Therapy, at the BEA

National Cervical Cancer Coalition Class

National Cervical Cancer Coalition Class

Emily Francis with Whitney Lowe, Laurie Craig and Rick Garbowski

Emily Francis with Scott Dartnel founder of the ONE Concepts Massage Conferences Worldwide

Emily Francis with Greg Mantel

Emily Francis and Daphne Oz of ABC's The Chew

Emily Francis with Scott Francis and Michael Symon of The Chew and various programs on Food Network

Emily Francis along with coauthor Melanie Marquis doing a book signing at INATS West 2017