Guided Meditations

Welcome! Accessing Emily's FREE audio meditation guides has never been easier! You can now listen to the available meditation guides from Healing Ourselves Whole by simply pressing play below.

In Emily's new book Healing Ourselves Whole, she provides us with a written meditation and with tips after each chapter. In this section, you will find all of her 12 guided meditations which you can listen to while reading the book. 

These meditations are a part of the holistic approach Healing Ourselves Whole offers in guiding you to a journey of healing. 

Together with the Body Charts Emily created, these mediations in Healing Ourselves Whole help you develop a deep understanding of your body's wisdom and transform any pain and trauma that has been holding you back. 

Emily invites you to listen to her 12 guided meditations to welcome thorough and life-changing healing into your life. 

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