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Whole Body Healing

Create Your Own Path to Physical, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual Wellness


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Learn how to take an active role in your own healing process and discover a wide range of treatment modalities to help you achieve physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual wellness. Within these pages, you will find dozens of hands-on practices for working with your body as an integrated whole and for incorporating chakras, emotions, spiritual energies, and much more.

Join author Emily A. Francis as she shares the critical information and solutions you need to heal the ailments and illnesses that may be holding you back. This book explores traditional and modern healing techniques such as: breath-work, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, flower remedies, essential oils, naturopathy, EMDR, EFT, and many more that go beyond the physical to help you find and forge your own path to living your best life.


“How does miraculous healing happen? And more importantly, how can we bring healing—spontaneous and otherwise—into our own lives? A tale of tenacity and unwavering belief, this book is a blueprint for healing in the modern world—it takes us beyond traditional and alternative medicine, and into the unlimited potentialities of the soul.”

— Sara Wiseman, author of Messages from the Divine and The Intuitive Path

“Whole Body Healing is an inspiring and interactive guide for anyone ready and willing to experience their innate wholeness. Guiding readers through a plethora of diverse practices, Emily is a wise and empathetic lead to follow. Having taken her own healing journey, she shows us all how to go the distance with conviction and love.”

— Jennie Lee, author of Breathing Love: Meditation in Action & True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment

“Whole body healing is an inside job, a road map for readers who wish to get at the root cause of dis-ease and take charge of their health with science-based healing advice. It is a comprehensive and completely useful guide for those widely choosing to positively modulate their health. Emily tells us how to influence the evolution of our bodies and minds toward maximum health and consequent enjoyment of life. A must read for anyone wanting to live better longer. “It’s not the years in your life, but the lie in your years.” I found this to be a great book packed with useful information on health, healing, for all, well written and hard to put down. A great resource for staying healthy. I highly recommend this book for everyone looking to live their best life now. This book will make you a better-informed consumer of healthcare.

Emily Francis covers many important topics to understand what good health encompasses and then recommends how individuals can take much of their healthcare into their own hands to facilitate an exceptional quality of life. This book is not only well researched with science of the topics explained in everyday language, it makes it easy for the lay person to grasp and act on the information provided. More importantly, it is a personal journey. I love the positive and personal narrative style which empowers us with the information to be pro-active about our own healing journey. “The body’s ability to heal is more powerful than anyone has permitted you to believe.”

— Elisa Lottor, PhD. H.M.D. author of The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine

“In Whole Body Healing, Emily Francis presents a well-balanced approach to creating healing miracles for yourself and those you love. Relying on her personal experience with releasing debilitating anxiety and helping her daughter move off the autism spectrum, she offers both pragmatic and spiritual perspectives on how to create significant improvement, even when doctors say it can't be done. Whatever you are seeking to balance, the answer lies in healing the whole self from the inside out. As someone who has followed a similar path, I can attest to Emily's assertion that true miracles often take time and perseverance, but they are absolutely possible. They begin by giving yourself permission to heal and in believing that new avenues for healing are always appearing, even when the way has seemed impenetrably dark. I wholeheartedly recommend Whole Body Healing as an excellent resource and guidebook on your healing path.”

— Sarah Shockley, author The Pain Companion

“The information in this book can change our understanding of how our mind, body and spirit impact our Whole Body Wellness, and that we can make simple changes for dramatic healings. In this inspiring book, Emily Francis gives us an evolved understanding of the roadblocks that makes us ill, and how we can use this advanced knowledge combined with modern energy healing techniques to heal our body, mind & spirit.” 

— Marianne Pestana -host I heart radio Moments with Marianne

Our bodies are innately brilliant and its wisdom is available if we learn to listen. In “Whole Body Healing,” Emily Francis shows us how weaving the wisdom of the body, the mind and spirit can lead us into our fullest, healthiest, most vibrant lives.”

— Dayna Macy, author of “Ravenous: A Food Lover’s Journey from Obsession to Freedom”