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Additional Works


Autism Essentials

With a child who has recovered from her mild/moderate autism spectrum disorder and speech apraxia who no longer meets the DSM-5 criteria for either diagnosis and therefore had a removal of the original diagnosis, Emily is the contributing author to this book and her chapter is on recovery. Recovery is possible but the pathway to it will never be a direct road. Health and healing have always been Emily's field of study, but upon the diagnosis of her 3-year-old, she put everything aside and got to work on how to bring her child into the best possible environment to create the highest outcome possible. Many people do not believe it is possible to get off the spectrum, but Emily is here to challenge that belief and offer hope for their own children on their path to health and healing. No one has any right to tell you how or to what level healing is possible. When it comes to healing, anything is possible and miracles do happen.


Witchy Mama


Emily is the co-author of the book written for mothers by mothers. Emily offers the infant massage, essential oil do's and don'ts as well as pregnancy stretches to bring this book into a well-rounded offering with author Malanie Marquis. Bringing concepts of conscious conception, a healthy and spiritually sound pregnancy and the early years of the baby, this is a book for the spiritual seeker who wants to make their road from conception to birth as deep and enriching as possible.

A Leg Up on Lymphedema


Written by long time client and dear friend, Courtney B. Day, Emily helped author this book as Courtney's lymphedema therapist. It is a story of faith, triumph and truth-telling as well as support to other young people dealing with the effects of lymphedema. This book is a Christian approach into navigating their way through a life long process of managing something so difficult.

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