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Healing Ourselves Whole

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There is a part about healing trauma that I don't think enough people understand: The mind has the ability to check out in many situations when there is trauma involved. Some refer to it as shock. For example: after an accident, more times than not the person will be hazy about the experience and cannot properly recall the entire set of events.


We basically separate ourselves from any impact that may be occurring to the body itself. That is a gift of the mind that helps us to survive. The body, however, does not have that same luxury. The body cannot leave itself. The body takes the pain and absorbs the trauma. The way that our bodies store those particular memories is different from the way that our minds may remember it.  When we learn how to dialogue with our body directly in order to recall the memories as they actually occurred and without the narrative of the mind, we can help our body release the stored pain and trauma that may have eluded us in our attempts to heal to this point. 


On the flip side, an important piece of the work offered in this book, is to use the same dialoguing skills with the body to access the happy and joyful memories that the soft tissues store in order to produce more of the same. Following this guidance, we can create within ourselves a place of overall connectedness and personal empowerment. This can result in an increase in overall health, vitality, and wellness that can drastically improve our quality of life.

"I went into the Rebirth meditation and I was guided. I went back to back with my spirit..." 

G. from California on 

Healing Ourselves Whole

G. from Californiaon Healing Ourselves Whole
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The Body Charts

Through Emily's Somatic Emotion Chart and Muscle Body Chart, we can navigate our way through the body emotions more effectively. Learn to discover the way the body stores memory, as well as how to release and rearrange within yourself.

Start understanding the way your body stores trauma, pain and emotions by finding your way into The Fabulous Four emotions (happy, joy, empowered, connected).

A 20-year veteran of hands on bodywork, Emily can help guide all of us inside the muscles, the cells, the soft tissues where memories have been stored and planted.


"Emily Francis' book says it all. I had to learn as a surgeon about the power of the mind and how the body believes what the mind conceives. Also, the truth is we heal ourselves.

When people have an unexpected recovery doctors call it a spontaneous remission but as Emily reveals it is not spontaneous but self-induced. The title of her book says it all HEALING OURSELVES WHOLE.


Yes and we all have the potential to achieve that with correct coaching and our showing up for practice. So read this excellent healing manual and begin the process of becoming whole and complete."


—  Bernie Siegel, Surgeon &

Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles 

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