Food for Thought

This book includes regional secrets for food growing, harvesting and cooking. This is not a cookbook, but rather a soulful living book where food comparisons are easy to make. It uses food as a directive into the soul, making the book easy to follow and understand. The author includes some fun recipes and food tips in each chapter.

Food is used as a guide because once you get a taste of what life is like when you are truly blissful and joyfully happy, you will do everything you can to keep it that way. And that is a dish best served fresh, local, and without any added colors, dyes, or preservatives. It is your natural state!

Since the Mediterranean is known to be the home of the healthiest diets and lifestyles in the world, in each chapter, just before a food tip or recipe are offered, the reader stops for a moment and takes a little snack break. This is an opportunity for you to stop and ponder some of the ideas in each chapter. Emily A. Francis warmly invites you to embrace Mediterranean practices for a healthy, happy and more fulfilling life.