The Body Charts

From her studies, Emily has created two charts that help us understand the way the body stores memory and emotions. These are The Somatic Emotion Chart and The Muscle Body Chart. In her latest book Healing Ourselves Whole, Emily explains how we can utilise her Body Charts to understand the way our bodies work - and use this knowledge to our best advantage.


The Somatic Emotion Chart

Teaching you how to rearrange the dialogue within your body is Emily's Somatic Emotion Chart. Our bodies store emotion very specifically.


This chart outlines the emotional experiences that are the most prominently stored within the body tissues. Indeed, The Somatic Emotion Chart summarises how we can work through the body's storing of emotional experiences for release and renewal.

The Muscle Body Chart

Have you ever wondered why and how we carry pain and trauma where we do? 

The Muscle Emotion Chart illustrates precisely where and why our body carries pain. When we suffer from chronic pain in a particular area but nothing has been able to help, we must then look inside and figure out the emotional piece of that puzzle. It is the act of understanding and liberating the heavy body pain.

The Body Charts are now out!

Get FULL access to Emily A. Francis' Somatic Emotion & Muscle Body Charts created through 20 years of study and practice with the body itself! 

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