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The Taste of Joy: Mediterranean Wisdom for a Life Worth Savoring


for Maltese readers

Do you want a chance to start a new life for yourself? Mediterranean living can help you do just that! Emily A. Francis draws on personal experience to show how Mediterranean living can feed both your body and your soul.

After moving to the Mediterranean with her family during the 2020 pandemic, Emily A. Francis learned insider secrets to one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. Now, she shares this insight so you, too, can improve your wellness and invigorate your soul.

The Taste of Joy shows you the value of living simply, mindfully, seasonally, and naturally, while feeding the body and soul more richly. Explore your own path to happiness as Emily recounts her eye-opening experiences getting to know a new region, its inhabitants, and their culture.

With Emily's thought-provoking pearls of wisdom and a handful of recipes, you can get a taste of blissful happiness and discover how to create a quality life you can relish instead of simply endure.

The Power of Self-Healing

Emily A. Francis is a highly sought-after wellness advocate, author, radio host and speaker. She promotes healing concepts that target all aspects of the whole body - to truly affect change. This includes the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual body.​


Through her works, Emily invites you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and healing


​Emily is the creator of the Somatic Emotion Chart and the Muscle Emotion Chart. She is also the host of the radio show All About Healing on Healthy Life Radio.​


The power to heal is your own and it begins with giving yourself permission to claim it!


Emily is originally from Atlanta, GA, and currently resides in Malta. You are invited to join her on her exciting adventures in Malta by clicking here. 


She is the founder of the blog My Malta Life and a writer for Oh My Malta! where she shares the story of not only herself but also of local farmers, chefs and growers.


For bookings, please contact Emily at emilyafrancisbooks@gmail.com.



12 guided meditations to understand your body and let go of pain and trauma



Detailed journal prompts to help you recognise your pain and track your mental health journey



Weekly podcasts with expert guests within the wellness, self-help and healing areas!

Would you rather listen to motivational self-help books? 

Give the Healing Ourselves Whole audiobook a try!


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My Malta Life Blog

Emily invites you to follow her new journey in sunny Malta 


Emily in Malta

Emily is a columnist for Oh My Malta magazine, sharing what life in Malta is all about


Hygieia with Marika

Emily discusses facial exercises on TVM's Hygieia with Marika


Prime Time

Emily talks about her books on ONE's Prime Time with Owen Bonnici

The Books

may book cover.jpg

Healing Ourselves Whole

An Interactive Guide to Release Pain and Trauma by Utilizing the Wisdom of the Body


The Body Heals Itself

How Deeper Awareness of Your Muscles and Their Emotional Connection Can Help You Heal  


Whole Body Healing

Create Your Own Path to Physical, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual Wellness


Stretch Therapy

 A Comprehensive Guide to Individual and Assisted Stretching


Through Emily's Somatic Emotion Chart and Muscle Body Chart, we can navigate our way through the body emotions more effectively. Learn to discover the way the body stores memory, as well as how to release and rearrange within yourself.

Start understanding the way your body stores trauma, pain and emotions by finding your way into The Fabulous Four emotions (happy, joy, empowered, connected).

A 20-year veteran of hands on bodywork, Emily can help guide all of us inside the muscles, the cells, the soft tissues where memories have been stored and planted.


"Emily Francis' book says it all. I had to learn as a surgeon about the power of the mind and how the body believes what the mind conceives. Also, the truth is we heal ourselves.

When people have an unexpected recovery doctors call it a spontaneous remission but as Emily reveals it is not spontaneous but self-induced. The title of her book says it all HEALING OURSELVES WHOLE.


Yes and we all have the potential to achieve that with correct coaching and our showing up for practice. So read this excellent healing manual and begin the process of becoming whole and complete."


—  Bernie Siegel, Surgeon &

Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles 

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