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"Emily Francis' book says it all. I had to learn as a surgeon about the power of the mind and how the body believes what the mind conceives. Also, the truth is we heal ourselves. When people have an unexpected recovery doctors call it a spontaneous remission but as Emily reveals it is not spontaneous but self-induced. "
     -Bernie Siegel, MD author of Love, Medicine & Miracles, No Endings Only Beginnings and When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is
"Placing the tools and strategies of self-healing directly in reader’ hands, Emily offers clear, experiential wisdom honed from years of personal work and study. As a yoga therapist, I often look for resources that will empower my clients and I will be recommending this, my favorite of all her books,  regularly. This highly applicable volume of healing protocols will take any who use it into optimal wellbeing.”  
       -Jennie Lee, author of Spark ChangeTrue Yoga and Breathing Love.

The Power of Self- Healing

Emily A. Francis a highly sought-after wellness advocate, author, radio host and speaker. She promotes healing concepts that target all aspects of the whole body - to truly affect change. This includes the physical emotional, energetic and spiritual body,

Through her works, Emily invites you to embark into your own journey of self-discovery and healing. 

With Emily's Somatic Emotion Chart and Muscle Emotion Chart, we can navigate our way through the body emotions more effectively, learn to discover the way that the body stores memory. 

The power to heal is your own and it begins with giving yourself permission to claim it!


Healing Ourselves Whole

An Interactive Guide to Release Pain and Trauma by Utilizing the Wisdom of the Body  


Whole Body Healing

Create Your Own Path to Physical, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual Wellness  


The Body Heals Itself

How Deeper Awareness of Your Muscles and Their Emotional Connection Can Help You Heal  


Stretch Therapy

  A Comprehensive Guide to Individual and Assisted Stretching

"The Body Is Full of Magic and Wisdom." - Emily A Francis

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